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Worcester Imported String Instruments

There’s nothing quite like picking up an American-made string instrument handcrafted by Mando Mo Strings or one of Worcester’s local luthiers. However, these custom works of art can be extremely costly. Beginners and hobbyists are unlikely to blow their lifesavings on one of these string instruments. That is why Mando Mo Strings is proud to offer a wide selection of imported string instruments. Because falling in love with an instrument shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

When we import a string instrument, be it a guitar, mandolin or ukulele, we always make sure it meets the same standard of excellence as our custom-built instruments. Each imported instrument is inspected for quality, set up and checked for proper intonation and action before it’s handed to the customer.

Thousands of stringed instruments on the U.S. market now come from China, since in the late 1990s it emerged as a major lutherie center. When Chinese string instruments began entering the market, they were received with very little acclaim among American instrument buyers and sellers. However, this reaction was rather short-lived because they have since greatly improved in quality while remaining at reasonable price points thanks to low manufacturing costs.

At Mando Mo Strings, we absolutely understand why customers might be reluctant to purchase these imported string instruments. But thanks to a free-market economy and globalism, imported string instruments should no longer be dismissed. Their quality is equal to the instruments we custom-build and they are much more affordable. So, if you’re just learning how to play, an imported string instrument is by far your best option.

The workmanship of these imported string instruments is vouched for by our staff of experienced string musicians. And because China is home to some of the planet’s last great stands of old-growth forests, the tone woods used in these string instruments are appreciated for both durability and the sounds they can make.

When buying an instrument, especially a string instrument, consumers rely on retailers to steer them toward the better instruments because string instruments have a higher variance than their woodwind, brass and percussive cousins.

Of course, just because Mando Mo Strings offers a variety of imported string instruments for beginners to learn on, we are also proud to boast a huge selection of American-made string instruments. Ultimately, where the instrument comes from doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s built properly and can produce a good sound, it will get the job done. After all, anything that keeps music accessible to the people in Worcester is fine by us.

We understand that this is a lot of information on imported string instruments, which is why you are always welcome to call us at (413) 562-2988 to speak to one of our representatives email us directly at We are a team that consists of all kinds of music lovers and we’ll be happy to assist you in any possible way to make sure you are getting exactly the right instrument, whether it’s imported or not.

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